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Moon Soft Technologies Pvt. Ltd.


To create such products / services which simplify your day to day life and give you a variety of facilities by just a click.


Technology that's changing the future


Match the pace with which the world is moving and provide pioneering products / services to the society at large.

d.Projects launched & is a very innovative product of its kind. Efforts have been made to save your time and money by giving online various services like TDS Return Submission, PAN Application, TAN Application, and Digital Signature Certificate. In addition to these services, facilities of Service Tax Registration and Return filling, Company Registration and Compliance Certificate are also being provided.

The idea to provide above mentioned services online was conceived when it was noticed how much time and energy is consumed in obtaining such services as no proper online facility is available.
Familifile is a new initiative in the field of family tree/ family pyramid / vanshawali / genealogy. Our objective is to help you to know your roots (ancestors) and your family members better. Here user can make his own family tree, find his family members and merge his tree with the tree of other family members.
Familifile also provides a platform to people to communicate and keep in touch with their family members. User can post your messages / thoughts / status to all your family members. Moreover, our event reminder sends a message to all the family members of any event like birthday, marriage anniversary & death anniversary of a family member.

In today's world, people want to do everything by just a click. In this scenario, when one is forced to stand in queue or go to respective departments for document submissions, it is sheer injustice to the people.

So at Moon Soft Technologies Pvt. Ltd. we came up with the idea to reduce paper work and make online as many services and to as much extent as we could.

Hope that our efforts would be helpful to the public at large.