Online Application for Reprint and Correction / Changes in PAN

Procedure for Request for New PAN Card Or/ And Changes Or Correction in PAN:

Guidelines for Request for New PAN Card Or/ And Changes Or Correction in PAN:

  1. Fill the application in block letters in English and with black ink.
  2. Do not overwrite or make corrections in the application.
  3. Do not use initials in first and last name field.
  4. Do not mention Husband's name in the Father's Name column.
  5. 'Individual' applicants should affix two recent colour photographs with white background in the space provided on the form. The photographs should not be stapled or clipped to the form. The clarity of image on PAN card will depend on the quality and clarity of photograph affixed on the form.
  6. Attach proof of PAN (copy of PAN card or PAN allotment letter issued by Income Tax Department, if any.) with the application.
  7. Please note that name in proof of identity and proof of address should exactly match with the name in application. Do not provide POI and POA which are not in the name of the applicant.
  8. Signature / Left hand thumb impression should be provided across the photo affixed on the left side of the form in such a manner that portion of signature/impression is on photo as well as on form.
  9. Signature /Left hand thumb impression should be within the box provided on the right side of the form. The signature should not be on the photograph affixed on right side of the form. If there is any mark on this photograph such that it hinders the clear visibility of the face of the applicant, the application will not be accepted.
  10. Thumb impression, if used, should be attested by a Magistrate or a Notary Public or a Gazetted Officer under official seal and stamp.
  11. Do not write any additional details (date, designation, rank, etc.) along with the signature in the box.
  12. For changes or correction in PAN data tick the column where change is required.
  13. For issue of new PAN card without any changes- In case you have a PAN but no PAN card and wish to get a PAN card, fill all column of the form but do not tick any of the boxes on the left margin. In case of loss of PAN card, a copy of FIR may be submitted along with the form.


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