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Procedure for TDS Return Correction: provides the facility for correction of TDS Returns online!!! To correct and upload your TDS Return with us you need to do the following:


Correction ChargesNo. of EntriesOur Service Charge per entryTotal
No. of Entries * 20 i.e. per entry 20 Rs.Rs. 20
Uploading ChargesNSDL ChargesService ChargesTotal
(NSDL + Service Charges)
1 - 100Rs. 35Rs. 5Rs. 40
101 - 1000Rs. 200Rs. 20Rs. 220
More than 1000Rs. 650Rs. 45Rs. 695
FVU File Charge Rs. 200/-
(Note: Service charges includes Service Tax, if applicable.)

Recover your lost / invalid FVU File:

To recover your lost / invalid FVU File, simply sign up at

Select the service to recover lost / invalid FVU File

Fill up a simple form

Submit the form and Make payment.

Your FVU File shall be mailed to you on the email ID specified in the Form as soon as it is recovered.

Charges For Recovering FVU

Rs. 500 (Inclusive of Service Tax if any)

Signup for TDS Return Correction or Recover FVU File
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